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Raku-grilled squid, 25cm high.
Signed, numbered.

Raku is a 500-year-old Japanese technique. The goods are burned in a small outdoor oven that I have built. The items are placed in the oven with tongs after the oven has heated up. Then you fire until the glaze melts, about 830 degrees. When the glaze has melted, the object is lifted out with tongs. To get different effects, the goods are finished, I mostly use sawdust. The item is placed directly from the oven into a container of sawdust. Sawdust is then sprinkled over and a lid is put on. Because the goods are hot, the sawdust burns/glows and the oxygen in the vessel is burned. A reduced atmosphere then occurs and cracks are formed and filled with ash. After 20-30 minutes, the object is taken out and allowed to cool or cooled in water. Finally, the item must be cleaned, I think this is the funnest part. Everything is sooty and black before the raku object was polished with water and svinto. Not until now do you see how the result turned out.

Number: 202102

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